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About Gesine

"If you liked it, then you should have put meringue on it." 

I'm Gesine.  I bake.  I eat.  I bake for my husband Ray. He eats. I think about what I'm going to bake while we're eating the thing I just baked.  I teach baking. I have a baking school called Sugar Glider Kitchen where you can come learn all about baking and pick my sweet brain. Ray makes students cappuccinos and washes dishes when he's in town (so be nice to him). Go HERE to check out our in person class schedule and HERE for online classes.


I'm the host of "Baked in Vermont" on Food Network, a cooking show where I bake for Ray, friends and family, have a blast teaching at SGK, and generally have a sweet ol' time here in Vermont, it just happens to get caught on camera.


I write books about food (to see my latest, MY VERMONT TABLE, click here) I have six books on baking, one of them is a baker's memoir, about how I changed my life and moved clear across the country to open a pastry shop called MY LIFE FROM SCRATCH. From time to time, I also teach baking at King Arthur Flour in Norwich, Vermont.

I have online classes that you can take via subscription, i.e. you get a new classes every month and have access to them always. 


I used to have a pastry shop but that ended up getting in the way of my baking.  All that business was cramping my relationship with butter and sugar.


Thanks for visiting me, sweet people.  I hope you enjoy the goodies

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